Visit our new web site for Altarix.

A revolutionary new product, Altarix combines the comprehensive, regularly updated content of the MasterSpec specification system with the ability to create and automatically update office masters.

Altarix will:

  • Automatically receive MasterSpec updates, and compare the newest edition of the specifications to the user’s office master - and then intelligently incorporate the office master custom text and preferences, thereby allowing users to easily document and leverage a firm’s memory.
  • Automatically update the master specification library without changing the specifications in existing projects.
  • Enable users to produce complete project manuals with the software’s built-in tools such as global headers/footers, table of contents and report creation, project summary and tracking.
  • Include an advanced version of its smart Q&A editor, as well as a sleek new on-screen editor that will allow users to add, edit, and delete specification text, select intelligent options, and add comments and project notes. 
  • Allow users to copy sections from other Altarix projects as well as import text into a specification template.
  • Empower specifiers to have complete control over their documents, allowing them to change their mind at any time.
  • Export to Microsoft Word for use with ARCOM’s other specification productivity tools.

ARCOM's new SpecAgent companion window will be easily accessible within the Altarix platform, which will provide the latest product and manufacturer information, standards, references, and product comparison tables.

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Visit our new web site for Altarix.

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