Now, ARCOM offers a truly deluxe version of Linx — InterSpec’s e-SPECS!

For users, this single program:
  • Simplifies project documentation management through product and material selection checklists or on-screen editing
  • Accesses MasterSpec’s Supporting Documents and resource links
  • Organizes projects by types and clients
  • Facilitates online collaboration, making communication and accountability work no matter where you are
  • Archives preferences, selections, and protocols that preserve your smart choices for future projects
  • Provides a seamless upgrade to e-SPECS for CAD/BIM Integration

e-SPECS® for Revit® and e-SPECS for AutoCAD®

Integrate MasterSpec specifications with your BIM/CAD drawings and building materials.

e-SPECS for Revit or e-SPECS for AutoCAD interfaces with:

  • Autodesk® Revit®
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD®
  • Autodesk® Architectural Desktop®
With e-SPECS for Revit (or e-SPECS for AutoCAD), you can:
  • Extract product and material requirements directly from project drawings for optimum consistency and efficiency
  • Instantly update your project manual with appropriate MasterSpec sections and edits of the sections when you insert a wall, door, window, or other building object into your drawings
  • Automatically edit your MasterSpec section to reflect Revit or AutoCAD drawing changes
  • Update your sections “on the fly,” posting project notes, reviewing section markups, and more
What make’s ARCOM’s MasterSpec-Revit integration the best solution?
  • Tried and Tested – We’ve had BIM/CAD Automated and Integrated Specifications since 2006.
  • Easy Editing – You can view and mark-up specifications directly in Revit
  • Time Saver – Create Project Integration, Outline, Submittal, and Keynote Reports in Revit
  • Flexible --  Use with any of the industry classifications: Uniformat, MasterFormat or OmniClass
  • Intelligent -- Access the valuable information that comes with MasterSpec's supporting documents and SpecAgent manufacturer resource

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