History of MasterSpec

MasterSpec has been the industry standard since 1969. Join more than 12,000 MasterSpec users enjoying the most complete construction specification system available. MasterSpec is a product of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and is exclusively endorsed or recommended by ACEC, AIA, ASID, ASLA, CASE, IIDA, NLA (ANLA), and NSPE. ARCOM is a member of IAI, ICIS, USGBC, and a charter member of NBIMS.

MasterSpec gives you peace of mind. MasterSpec represents the most thoroughly researched and professionally written building and construction specifications in the industry. MasterSpec undergoes regular, extensive peer reviews. Learn more about MasterSpec Review Committees.

MasterSpec saves valuable research and writing time. Reduce the risks you face using old project specifications or dated office masters. Enjoy the wealth of background information that comes with each MasterSpec library. Learn more about MasterSpec section components.

MasterSpec equips both experts and beginners with the right system for their practice area. This is also the one and only system that offers diverse specification types, libraries, and products to meet your practice needs.

MasterSpec comes with unparalleled service. Over 40 architects, engineers, computer scientists, specification writers, editors, technical support professionals, and specification consultants work full time for you. ARCOM, publisher of MasterSpec, provides extensive research, user support, continuing education, and exclusive user benefits.

MasterSpec is the most reliable single source for specification excellence. Specification writers, researchers, and editors spend over 30,000 hours a year updating MasterSpec.

MasterSpec users edit and produce construction specifications in less time. SpecWare, ARCOM's family of specification enhancement software accelerates specification editing and production. Masterworks™, a SpecWare product, is provided FREE with each MasterSpec license. Through a partership with InterSpec, ARCOM now offers the e-SPECS® for Revit® or e-SPECS for AutoCAD® series of CAD/BIM integration software.

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