SpecAgent is a new resource that benefits both specifiers and manufacturers by providing detailed product & manufacturer information for easy editing. For additional information visit SpecAgent.com

SpecAgent Benefits Specifiers:

The SpecAgent companion browser, which appears with an open MasterSpec section, assists with:

  • Manufacturer research. You can quickly find the most up to date information on the maufacturers listed in MasterSpec
  • Product comparison. Where available, product comparison tables are provided in a "flip book" format.
  • Manufacturer selection. Based on their research, you can mark manufacturers as selected, under consideration, or rejected, and import the selected manufacturers into section text
  • Referenced standards and other references. SpecAgent lists every referenced standard in each section, along with books, articles, and other references

For MasterSpec Users

MasterSpec provides a hyperlink directly from the current section text to a new specification resource tightly integrated with MasterSpec; SpecAgent.  This new companion tool is docked next to the specifier’s word processor and connects to ARCOM through the Internet, greatly simplifying the time-consuming process of finding, evaluating and incorporating information from building product manufacturers into these specifications, addressing the most common frustration of specifiers doing product research as they build their specifications.

For Building Product Manufacturers

SpecAgent provides a free self-managed portal where Manufacturers can both apply to be listed in MasterSpec and manage the basic information associated with their current listings. MasterSpec's "Find us in MasterSpec" program also provides Manufacturers with a simple way for visitors to their respective corporate site to verify in which sections they'll find a Manufacturer's products.

SpecAgent provides additional resources to Manufacturers who elect to participate in our Enhanced Listing Program. These additional capabilities provide the specific information MasterSpec users need to make efficient evaluations and select which Manufacturers are included in the finished specification. Providing this additional information greatly reduces the research time required of MasterSpec users and results in getting specified more often when compared to Manufacturers whom they would otherwise need to evaluate "from scratch".

Evaluation Shelf

Step 1: Evaluate

SpecAgent provides MasterSpec users with contact information for over 9,500 Building Product Manufacturers, each evaluated by ARCOM for inclusion in MasterSpec without charge.  Working collaboratively, MasterSpec users provide continual suggestions through SpecAgent to keep this list the most up-to-date and inclusive available today.

In an industry first, MasterSpec users can also see which manufacturers are online and available to provide instant answers to their questions via a built in chat feature.  Product reps can provide immediate

answers to questions, and can “push”documents and cut sheets directly to the specifier's desktop without requiring identifying information or an email address from the specifier on the other end. MasterSpec specifiers can also take advantage of manufactures that have had their products reviewed by ARCOM as meeting the requirements of the section and are listed in detail within the SpecAgent companion window. While corporate websites are always available by default, having this research done puts these manufactures at a decided advantage over those who still require specifiers to research their products from scratch.

The SpecAgent companion window also puts searchable flip catalogs, photos, and other technical documents at the fingertips of specifiers, all intelligently organized to focus on only the specific type of product open within the document.

Step 2: Sort

In a major departure from websites that provide passive places to store and display product information, SpecAgent has taken the innovative step of making every step of the evaluation process “actionable”. 

SpecAgent allows Building Product Manufacturers to be sorted using our proprietary Evaluation Shelf technology.  Specifiers can drag and drop them into the appropriate sorting bins, for inclusion in the specification, rejection, or leaving them in the under consideration bin, where all manufacturers begin by default.  As specifiers view profiles, products and a host of other available information, they can alternatively use the available green, yellow and red sorting buttons to narrow the list of manufacturers for each product type needed in the project.

As the newly sorted list is finalized, selections within that section are saved for each specifier as a starting point on future projects.

Step 3: Import

As the final step in the process, SpecAgent provides a one click import of the selected Manufacturers from the companion window back into the final MasterSpec section text that will become part of the contract document for the project.

If you are a building product manufacturer and would like information on the SpecAgent program, contact us at 800.424.5080, or specagent@arcomnet.com, or by completing an RFI form.

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