"As a specification consultant, the value of MasterSpec is incalculable. Trying to update master specifications is almost impossible while trying to keep the projects going out the door. ARCOM takes care of that for us with their MasterSpec specification packages. And as someone else wrote, the evaluation information is a great resource for our company. It has taught us much about many of the products and materials that go into a project. The other benefit that we see is due to the wide use of MasterSpec in the architectural community. When asked by prospective clients what we have for office masters and how often they are updated, I mention that we subscribe to MasterSpec. I firmly believe that answer results in increasing the comfort level a client has in deciding to hire our company.."
~ Dean E. McCarty, CCS, CSI, SCIP
McCarty Group
Minneapolis, MN

Tools For MasterSpec

Specification enhancement software tools streamline specification development and production, giving design professionals more time for creativity. Software tools:

Minimize errors, maintain a consistent master specification system, and save time by eliminating routine section editing tasks. Masterworks streamlines specification development and production giving design professionals more time for creativity.

SpecAgent is a new resource that benefits both specifiers and manufacturers by providing detailed product and manufacturer information for easy editing.

A revolutionary new product, Altarix combines the comprehensive, regularly updated content of the MasterSpec specification system with the ability to create and automatically update office masters.

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