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MasterSpec is an invaluable tool and resource, saving you time and money in developing your office master and preparing your project specifications. We strive to keep you up to date with what is going on. Check back often to see what is new with MasterSpec!

SpecWare for MasterSpec

New for MasterSpec: Masterworks 7.0 and Masterworks Enterprise 1.0. These powerful tools will make editing your specifications even easier. Masterworks for Enterprises will allow for a seamless install to multiple workstations without having to install manually for each computer.

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ARCOM Releases Altarix

This week, ARCOM introduced Altarix(TM), new specification productivity software that gives specifiers complete control over their specifications to produce consistent, accurate, and complete Project Manuals. Click below to read Press Release

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Member Discounts

MasterSpec offers discounts to members of the following organizations

AIA                   NSPE
ACEC               ASLA
CASE               ASID
IIDA                  ANLA
BICSI               SCIP

Call your Product Consultant today to find out more!

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Spec Academy

Learn more about Masterworks and SpecAgent and how they work with MasterSpec during one of our regional training workshops.

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