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Why Choose MasterSpec?

  • Trusted by the Industry – MasterSpec is the preeminent master specification system and the most widely used and recognized specification system in the industry.
  • Easily Coordinated – Use the specification system that is used by the entire design team and coordinates with AIA and EJCDC Contract Documents.
  • Thoroughly Researched – MasterSpec is written by a full-time staff of expert master specification writers and over 20 specialty consultants who spend over 30,000 hours researching and writing MasterSpec.
  • Carefully Reviewed – MasterSpec is painstakingly reviewed by a full-time staff of professional editors for consistent and correct language.
  • Heavily Vetted – MasterSpec is carefully peer-reviewed by the only formal specification review committees in the industry.
  • Recognized – MasterSpec is a product of the AIA and exclusively endorsed by several professional organizations.
  • Current – Content is continually researched and updated. The SpecAgent® resource is the most up-to-date manufacturer listing in the industry.
  • For all your project disciplines, types, sizes, phases, and complexity – MasterSpec has a library or package for your specification needs.
  • Conforms to CSI Formats – MasterSpec follows most current MasterFormat™, PageFormat™, and SectionFormat™ standards.
  • Increases Productivity – MasterSpec is supported by the SpecWare® suite of specification productivity tools, from free Masterworks to e-SPECS® BIM integration.
  • Always "Green" – MasterSpec includes comprehensive green, sustainable, and LEED language.

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